Mount Pelion is the summer residence of the gods of Olympus and the mythical land of the Centaurs. The rich diversity of beautiful landscapes offers both mountainous and seaside resorts, some of them nested on the slopes of Pelion close to the ski center and some located among olive groves, fruit orchards, and plane trees and facing the sea. The houses of villages of Pelion are traditionally-built cottages according to a special local architecture and most of the hotels are restored mansions. The most famous villages of Pelion are: Horto, Agios Lavrentios, Afyssos, Vizitsa, Kala Nera, Kato Gatzea, Kissos, Kritharia, Milies, Milina, Mouresi, Portaria, Tsagarada, Horefto.

Things to do

Little Train

The Pelion Train, also known as the Little Train of Pelion, is a narrow gauge (60 cm) train that seemed to me like a toy train with its maintained vintage look. It’s even parked in a colorful little train station. The train began operating more than a century ago between Volos and Lehonia in 1895 and between Lehonia and Milies in 1903. It covers 29 kilometers, on tracks that run through verdant forests and across 12 bridges.

Walk the Pelion Paths

For hikers and walkers, Pelion is a dream. One of the top things to do in Pelion is explore the incredibly dense network of cobblestone trails and paths that interconnect its scenic villages.  For more information on the paths to take, visit the Walking Pelion blog: www.walking-pelion.blogspot.gr

Ski in Pelion

Yes, that mountain landscape is perfect for skiing or snowboarding and believe me, it gets snowy in those hills. Pelion is home to the Agriolefkes – Pelion Ski Center which has four slopes for downhill ski approved by the International Ski Federation. For more information, visit www.pelionski.gr.

Horse Riding in Pelion

With such incredible natural scenery, horse riding is considered one of the top things to do in Pelion. There are several companies throughout the peninsula offering tours and services.  

Sea Kayaking and rafting in Pelion

If you love sea and river adventures, it’s another one of the top things to do in Pelion. Check out the blog: A Greek Adventure for details on this exciting way to explore the region.

Local Pelion Gastronomy

Having eaten my way through many regions of Greece, it continues to astound me just how there are so many types of distinct local flavors and specialties to discover. I was truly impressed by many of the dishes I tried in Pelion. In general, be on the lookout for hearty dishes like fasolada (bean soup),kapama (slow roast goat in tomato sauce), boubari (local sausage) kouneli stifado (rabbit stew), spetzofaï (stewed pork sausages and peppers) and tyropsomo (cheese bread).  

Buy Local Preserves

Pelion is known for the tasty and traditional sweet preserves and jams. There are many types to choose from. An exotic one I have come to like is kidoni (Greek quince).

Tsipouro Tasting in Pelion

Every region of Greece has its drinks and its drink culture. The Thessaly region is the “hometown” of the distinct Greek liquor called tsipouro. The distilled spirit is produced from pomace and contains 40 to 45 percent alcohol by volume

Pelion Beaches

During the summer season relaxing at the beach is one of the top things to do in East Pelion. So many line the peninsula coast. On the Aegean Sea side, head to Milopotamos, Fakistra, Papa Nero, Agios Ioannis, Agioi Saranta and Horefto.On the Pagasitikos Gulf side, head to Kato Lehonia, Kala Nera and Afissos.

Go to a Festival

Another one of the top things to do in Pelion is attend a seasonal festival. The region is known for its fruit so it’s no surprise there are an array of fruit themed festivals.
Festival for the name of "Profiti Hilia".(20 July)Agios-Panteleimonas. 27 July Celebration for Agios Fanourios. 27 August 

Visit Volos

While in Pelion, take time out to spend time in Volos. Located at the foot of Mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasitikos Gulf, it is considered one of the country’s most scenic little citiesStroll the pedestrian Argonauts Avenue on the seafront. See the exact imitation of the Argo, the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Other highlights include Volos Castle and Agios Konstantinos Park.

Admire the Trees of Pelion

While exploring Pelion, I couldn’t help but notice the amazing, old and storied trees that seemed to be everywhere. Gigantic plane trees set the stage in the squares or lined the villages and some truly wise ones overlooked the sea.

Visit a Women’s Cooperative

The region of Pelion has a strong network of women’s cooperatives. The first one started in Zagora, in 1993, as a way to keep the local way of producing traditional products alive.Also , there is a coor in Anilio with homemade jams and sweets.

Path of Heron

The Heron Centraus cave is 15 minutes’ walk.

Pelion Sightseeing


Mouresi is one of the most beautiful villages of Pelion, situated at an altitude of 420 m with a lovely cobbled paved square. Mouresi is the ideal holiday place for lovers of nature. The area has been developed with hotels, guesthouses and restaurants.. Visitors will find here the churches of Kimissis tis Theotokos of fine workmanship and carved wooden iconostasis, the 18th century church of Agia Paraskevi and the 18th century church of Agia Triada which contains remains of the Three Prelates. Mouressi also have many beautiful old mansions.


Tsagarada village Pelion: This particularly beautiful village attracts quite a lot of tourists during summertime for it is built in the middle of a chestnut wood forest, it is extremely agreeable and the view from there is unbelievable. Tsagarada was founded in 1500 and is composed of four lovely settlements formed around the old restored churches of the Taxiarches, Agia Paraskevi, Agia Kyriaki and Agios Stephanos, each one housing wonderful wooden carved iconostasis. Two elements characterize the village of Tsagarada: the large flower garden houses and a huge and imposing one thousand-year-old plane tree located right in the middle of the square of Agia Paraskevi. 


The lovely village of Kissos is perched on the hill slopes at an altitude of 520 meters covered with plane trees and chestnut trees. In this fine village lies the wonderful church of Agia Marina, a unique beauty containing frescoes made by Pagonis. From the square of Kissos the view is formidable: the ruins of a Roman fort and the Aegean Sea charm the eyes

Damouhari Port : Mama Mia Filmed Here

The traffic-free coast of Damouhari has a more recent claim to fame as the location of the “Dancing Queen” scene in the Hollywood movie Mama Mia (2008) starring Meryl Streep. After our hike through Tsagarada we walked through the scenic port. I loved taking in the stunning rocky landscape, which seemed to be both wild and stunning at the same time.


If it is so beautiful in drizzle, I can only imagine it in other seasonal colors. The main pedestrian lane is lined with adorable stonework mom-and-pop shops selling handcrafted items and local products.


The seaside village of Horefto is located at the foothills of Mount Pelion. The big beautiful wide sandy beach is the main cause of the special tourist traffic of Horefto offering easy access to both sea and mountain. The village has been developed with hotels, guesthouses and restaurants.